In the Community
ARCH Development Corporation, at its core, is a small neighborhood-based organization with its entire focus on the economic regeneration of the Historic Community of Anacostia in Washington, DC, using arts, cultural and the creative economy.

The Mission of ARCH Development is: "Creating a home for small businesses, artists, arts and cultural organizations to fulfill our commitment to the revitalization and sustainable economic development of Historic Anacostia."

Its Vision is: "ARCH Development will continue to be a leader in revitalizing Historic Anacostia as a vibrant, lasting arts district while at the same time supporting existing and developing new small businesses."

ADC believes arts and the creative economy can be employed as part of a comprehensive, synergistic approach to community revitalization in the Anacostia community of the Washington, DC. ADC feels that properly organized facilities and development programs designed to attract artists, performing arts groups, theater companies and small businesses organizations can serve as the engine for neighborhood economic development. This approach will yield other benefits. It can nourish the spiritual and creative energies to allow individuals to regenerate themselves. The creative economy also can bridge the many differences that seemingly divide the residents of Anacostia: age, gender, income, race and ethnicity

ADC's strategic direction is not to be the be all or end all of arts and cultural or economic development in Anacostia. Rather, ADC wishes to be the catalyst for creative economy development in the community. While ADC operates a wide variety of arts and cultural related programs, it does not desire to increase its programming. Rather it wants existing organizations to increase their role and visibility and new organizations to move to the community. It maintains its existing programs as an example of the viability of arts and cultural programs in Anacostia.

Duane Gautier, CEO 2012